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About us

#SyriaShines is a global campaign to promote awareness of the stories of the more than 12.5 million Syrians who have been displaced from their homes, including close to 5 million refugees. #SyriaShines seeks to showcase the real lives of Syrian refugees around the world, who are studying, creating, working, living, giving back and succeeding in their new communities.

The campaign is led by Globesight, a think-tank consultancy focused on empowering social impact in the Middle East & North Africa. The coordinating team for #SyriaShines includes: Molham, Anna, Alaa, Lynn, Taufiq.

We previously came together in 2014 coordinate the 123 Syria campaign, which raised $125,000 to support the education of 600 refugee children in Lebanon, in partnership with Jusoor, one of the leading lights responding to the crisis. Also that year, we organized the transformative event, Makloubeh – A Culinary Evening for Syria, organized with Pop!